This is the accumulated changelog.

Version Change
2.0 beta 5
  • New interface.
  • Preview for meshes and Polys.
  • Field colors and hints in analysis windows.
  • Multi file support.
  • Added support for (dragging&)dropping multiple files.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Array properties show in tree.
  • Uses a prerelease of UTPackages 2.3 with support for UT2004, Lineage2 and other games.
2.0 beta 4
  • Uses UTPackages 2.2 (support for Devastation, Rainbow Six Raven Shield, Unreal Championship and Lineage 2).
  • Added display of line offsets in decompilation.
  • Added conversions window to analyzer.
  • Supports textures without mipmaps (some CubeMaps).
  • Support for StaticMesh class exporting (with some bugs in UV coords).
2.0 beta 3
  • Support of encrypted Army Operations packages.
  • Added support for UT2 UMODs.
  • Dropping a file frees explorer immediately.
  • Initial support for Unreal 2 and Splinter Cell.
  • Added autoformat to analize window.
  • Open As menu option to select the game of the package.
2.0 beta 2
  • Fixed bug when UTPTFormats.xml file does not exist.
  • Support for extracting classes inheriting from Texture.
  • Fixed reading CubeMap.
  • Fixed reading Array properties.
  • Fixed reading textures of Army Operations.
  • Added filters for exports list.
  • Added support for saving in DDS format (must be activated in options window).
  • Fixed file extension when saving in TGA format.
  • Added autosize & stretch option in texture visualization (context menu in image).
  • 3D export options are kept between exports (not yet between executions).
  • Added support for selecting extract filename or generating it with rules.
  • Removed “Extractable” column from export table & tree.
  • Some column name and position changes in export and import tables and trees.
  • Added format to textures view info.
  • Added view properties menu option to textures view.
  • Added option to view a background texture in texture viewer (only if alpha channel exists).
  • Removed option to save alpha channel, since it can be extracted from a full BMP or TGA.
2.0 beta 1
  • Added partial support for UT2003
    • TextBuffer: fixed
    • Sound: fixed
    • new opcodes: EX_Length
    • new class flags: EditInlineNew, CollapseCategories, ExportStructs, Placeable
    • Struct_Zone: fixed
    • Struct_LightMap: fixed