This is the accumulated changelog.

Version Change
  • Fixed bug in project saving.
  • Fixed bug in new texture dialog.
  • Optional masking in preview, and better detects if it can be used.
  • Refresh button in preview window if the textures get corrupt.
  • Now can compile an absolute frame instead of a frame from an AnimSeq.
  • Fixed parameter removed since it is usually needed to adjust a model in the window.
  • Fixed masking color (palette color index 0 is transparent).
  • Fixed bugs that makes preview unavailable to models with more than 5 sections.
  • Standard models in new better poses.
  • Unified main & preview windows. Project options now on main window.
  • Fixed bug the prevented compiling models with a missing section (like FCommando)
  • Removed center, auto-rotating, and face, left and top views.
  • New camera moving system. Left-clicking rotates, right-clicking moves, wheel-moving (or left+right cliking) zooms.
  • New camera presets system.
  • Very simple texture editor with automatic update in model preview.
  • Fixed bug compiling non-Direct-UT files. The description was begin saved empty.
  • Support for compiling Mesh class, DeusEx and Klingon Honor Guard models.
  • Better preview. Now it simulates the palette reduction option used.
  • Sections without the TextureIsXxY flag now allow any texture size (previously were fixed to 256×256).
  • Fixed bug, now model scale reduction key stops when scale is 0.
  • Direct-UT compiling now takes into account the FaceSkin, FixedSkin, TeamSkin1, TeamSkin2 properties.
  • Integrated Model Compiler.
  • Fixed masking transparency (but only works if palette index 0 is pure black).
  • Changed text “Message Head” to “Talk Texture”.
  • Talk texture display on preview.
  • New CustomModels subdirectory.
  • New format for model files. More extensible.
  • Support for direct LodMesh compiling -> all models installed in UT.
  • Support for HeadPosX parameter in skme files.
  • Fixed bug in head position moving increments.
  • Support for more than 5 textures (up to 8).
  • Definable index for talk texture.
  • Model auto-centering at compile time.
  • SKME files associated to notepad.
  • Fixes the INT bug (does not add section 5 lines to the int file)
  • Some bugs fixed.
  • Auto-install of compiled files.
  • Configurable increments for the model positioning keys.
  • Preview has now separate textures for each material (now works with low level 3D boards).
  • Preview shows masked textures as transparent (but only for RGB(0,0,0)). Not tested, may not work always.
  • Model Compiler generates separate wire textures for each material.
  • Fixed INT generation when first section is not number one (for example: chubbs model).
  • Interactive material assignment (for models that have non-standard material names).
  • Support for a lot of image formats for textures.
  • Better preview window. Similar to the game dialog.
  • Model extensions preview.
  • Removed “NeedDefault” flag.
  • SKME files for default models.
  • Support for Nali,NaliCow and any other multiskin model.
  • Support for Unreal1 models (not tested).
  • Support for ClientOptional flag (f.e. for skins based on BonusPack models).
  • Support for model extensions, files with extension *.skme.
  • Palette reduction options.
  • Texture size specification and adjusting using a Lanczos3 filter.
  • Support for masked textures.
  • Fixed bug loading model extensions.
  • Fixed bug in texture edition.
  • Better texture preview.
  • 3D skin preview!!
  • Program to create Unreal Tournament skin packages.