Unreal Tournament Skin Maker

I can’t select my skin in the game!

Make sure that you have the correct model installed in UT.

My skin doesn’t work anywhere!, why? or, My skin appears green with other color “patches”.

Please check the following:

  1. The project filename has this format: <modelprefix>Skins<skinname>. When you save the project the program will automatically put the model prefix and maybe the “Skins” text (if v1.5 and up), you just have to complete the name.
  2. If playing online, check that the skin is correctly installed in the server (including ServerPackages line). You will have to ask this to the server administrator.
  3. In a non-dedicated server some skins seem to need more sections than normal (example: Abbey model).

When i run the program I get an error “wglMakeCurrent failed”.

This is a problem with your OpenGL driver. It tries to change buffers and it fails. Try to get the last version of your driver or check its options.

Why my Boss / BonusPack4 skins doesn’t work? (or do it incorrectly)

This models need a fix to be skinned. Do you have the fixed models installed?

Why my Boss skin does not show team colors in the head?

Get the Boss.skme fixed file from the download section.

Why my skin doesn’t work on bots?

You have to put both default and named faces on the skin.

News Binary Extractor

How can I add a newsgroup after the initial retrieval?

Use the popup menu of the servers list and select the “Add Newsgroups” option.

How can I add a newsgroup not in the list retrieved from the server?

Use the popup menu of the servers list and select the “Add Newsgroup Not in List” option.

How can I change the options in the preferences window?

Use the popup menu right clicking over the option or selection.

How can I delete the current configuration?

Use the Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE or REGEDT32.EXE, at your own risk!) to delete the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACB\NeBinEx

How does it work the directory setting of the newsgroups/joins?

The configured directory will be appended to the extract directory to form the path of the decoded files.

Is there a Windows 3.x version?

No. Only Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP.

What to do when a binary repeats its subject again and again? (only version < 2.11)

First kill the program. In the NeBinEx directory edit the first (by date) TMP file. Search for a line with the words “filename=” or “name=” and a filename with path after it. Delete the path of the filename (usually it is “C:\WINDOWS\TEMP”) and save the file . Then re-run the program and it will work.

Why the program exits after decoding?

Because it is configured to do so. Go to the preferences window and uncheck the auto-exit setting.

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